August 11 2020 Partisan Primary - Polls Are Closed

Wisconsin's Partisan Primary is today, Tuesday, August 11.  Polls were open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Unofficial Election Results are available from Wisconsin County Clerks' Websites

Visit County Clerk websites for unofficial election results or visit the website of your favorite Wisconsin online news organization. The state of Wisconsin does not have an election night reporting system for unofficial results.


Top Things Voters Should Know for the Partisan Primary August 11 2020 - COVID-19


MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Elections Commission today released its list of the top things Wisconsin voters should know for the Partisan Primary, Tuesday, August 11.

1. The Wisconsin Elections Commission unanimously recommends all voters wear face coverings for voting on Election Day, but they are not required.

Independent Candidates for President File Paperwork


MADISON, WI – Five independent candidates filed signatures and paperwork today with the Wisconsin Elections Commission to get their names on the ballot for President of the United States in the state for the November 3 General Election.

Under Wisconsin law, independent presidential candidates can get on the ballot by filing a minimum of 2,000 valid signatures of Wisconsin electors on nomination papers, as well as a Declaration of Candidacy form for both the presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

These candidates filed papers today:

Wisconsin Still Needs Poll Workers!


MADISON, WI – Wisconsin clerks are at least 900 poll workers short statewide for the August 11 Fall Partisan Primary, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“We know there are Wisconsinites looking for ways to serve their communities through this difficult time,” said Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief elections official.  “If you are a state, county or municipal employee, a teacher, a student or someone who is looking for temporary work, municipal clerks need you to step up and help right now.”

More Than 330,000 Absentee Ballots Already Returned for August 11 Partisan Primary


MADISON, WI – More than 330,000 voters statewide have already returned their absentee ballots for the August 11 Partisan Primary, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

As of Monday morning, 836,469 absentee ballot applications have been reported received by municipal clerks.  Those clerks also report sending 821,378 ballots and receiving 331,097 back. 

Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief elections official, urged voters to return their absentee ballots as soon as possible to ensure they are received by the deadline of 8 p.m. on Tuesday, August 11.   

State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Eligible but Unregistered Residents


MADISON, WI – The State of Wisconsin is mailing postcards this week to more than 198,600 state residents who appear to be eligible to vote but are not currently registered.

The official postcards tell potential voters how to register online at and give them deadlines and other information about ways to register for upcoming elections.  The postcards also include a toll-free number which routes them to a WEC call center.

WEC Prepares for Fall Elections by Approving Block Grants to Municipalities and Mailing to Voters - COVID-19


MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Elections Commission has approved spending $7.2 million in federal CARES Act funding, including a $4.1 million block grant program to help local election officials and voters prepare for Fall 2020 elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Wisconsin voters and election officials need to be ready for anything this fall,” said Meagan Wolfe, administrator of the WEC.  “We are using the lessons we learned from the Spring Election in April and the federal grant funds to ensure we are prepared for November.”

WEC Moves Candidate Filing Location to UW-Madison Due to COVID-19 Starting May 26


MADISON, WI – Wisconsin candidates for state and federal offices who still need to file nomination papers by June 1 will do so at a temporary location on the UW-Madison campus.

Starting Tuesday, May 26, candidates will file paperwork at Varsity Hall at Union South, located at 1308 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI 53715. Varsity Hall is on the second floor. 

WEC Releases Analysis of Absentee Voting in April 7 Spring Election


MADISON, WI – Wisconsin election officials are busy preparing for fall elections based on the experience of serving a record number of absentee voters in Wisconsin’s April 7 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The report documents the significant logistical and technical challenges local and state election officials faced in fulfilling the surge in absentee ballot requests and it recommends several ways to improve the absentee process for voters and clerks.

More Than 69,000 Absentee Ballots Already Returned for May 12 Special Election


MADISON, WI – More than 69,000 voters in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District have already returned their absentee ballots for the Special Election on May 12, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

As of Friday morning, 110,921 absentee ballot applications have been reported received by municipal clerks in the district, which covers all of 21 Northern Wisconsin counties and portions of another five.  Those clerks also report sending 107,644 ballots and receiving 69,472 back.