Who's My Filing Officer?

A general list of filing officers for offices is listed below.

State Office Candidate Wisconsin Elections Commission
County Office Candidate County clerk
Local/Municipal Candidate Village, town, or city clerk
School Board Candidate School district clerk

Incumbents not Running for Reelection

If you are an elected official who is not running again, you are required to file a Notification of Non-Candidacy form with the filing officer to give potential candidates notice of an open seat. 

Notification must be received by the proper filing officer no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 2nd Friday preceding the deadline for filing ballot access documents to avoid an extension of time for filing such papers.  

Write-in Candidates

Individuals running as write-in candidates are required to file their CF-1 with the filing officer for the contest by noon (12 p.m.)the Friday before the election in which they intend to run.

Voting thru SVDs FAQ

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    If you are registered to vote from the care facility (meaning you used the care facility address as your residence) AND that care facility is served by SVDs, your absentee ballot will be delivered by the SVD's or mailed to your mailing address if you are unable to vote during either SVD visit. Your family member is welcome to be in attendance when the SVDs visit and act as your assistant.

    Rather than vote with the SVDs, you could vote at the polls on election day or vote absentee in-person at your municipal clerk's office or alternate site.

    Alternatively, if you maintain a home outside of the care facility, you would be able to register to vote from that address and could apply to receive an absentee ballot with that registration. 

    If your Power of Attorney is a family member, they may assist you with registering to vote and voting your ballot* but they may not do those things on your behalf without your presence (Wis. Stat. 6.875(6)(c)1). Your Power of Attorney may request your absentee ballot on your behalf. 

    *If you are in a care facility served by SVDs, they will need to be in attendance during one of those visits in order to assist you. 

    Candidates file their forms with the filing officer at the level of office they are running for. Federal, Statewide, and multijurisdictional judicial candidates file their Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Papers with Wisconsin Elections Commission. Statewide, and multijurisdictional judicial candidates file their Campaign Finance Registration Statement and Statement of Economic Interests with Wisconsin Ethics Commission.