Municipal Clerk Training

Under Wisconsin law, each municipal clerk must attend training sponsored by the Wisconsin Elections Commission every two years. Wis. Stat. § 7.15(1m). In order to comply with this training requirement, municipal clerks must obtain six hours of training every two-year term, beginning January 1 of even-numbered years and ending on December 31 of odd-numbered years. EL 12.03(2).

Training “sponsored” by the WEC includes any training for municipal clerks that the WEC approves. This includes, but is not limited to, election trainings conducted by county clerks, online training presentations, and election administration or WisVote webinar sessions, either live or recorded. EL 12.03 (4), (5) 


You can now access the live webinars from The Learning Center (TLC), under the EA or WV Webinar Series tile for automatic recording of your participation there and to download a meeting reminder.  Instructions for accessing the webinars in TLC are below. The webinars can also be joined without accessing TLC through the link posted with the training event on the calendar. Training tracking in TLC is not possible if you join the webinar using this method. 

Webinar materials will be posted to the training event on the calendar and in TLC no later than the Monday prior to each webinar. The webinar recording, a direct link to the recording in Vimeo (for sharing with poll workers), and other related materials will be posted shortly after the webcast in TLC.