Voting Equipment

Before any voting system may be used in the State of Wisconsin, it must be approved by the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  Chapter 7 of the Election Administrative Rules governs the process.

Voting Equipment may be accredited by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) prior to its approval by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, but EAC certification is not required for certification in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin Act 261 of 2015 eliminated the requirement that all voting systems approved for use in Wisconsin be accredited by the EAC and the WEC is able to approve systems outside of the EAC certification process.

Voting equipment that no longer fits the certification requirements, meets the accessibility needs of voters, or which is no longer supported by the manufacturers may also be decertified by the Commission and must then be taken out of use in Wisconsin. 

Decertified Voting Equipment

Equipment Vendor System Version Date of Decertification
ES&S Unity 12/31/2022
Vote-PAD, Incorporated Vote-PAD 1/1/2022
ES&S Unity 12/2/2019
ES&S Unity 12/2/2019
ES&S Unity 12/2/2019
ES&S Unity Rev.3 12/2/2019
OpTech Eagle 12/31/2018





Retention Policy for Electronic Election Data