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Clerks Home Page

There are 1,852 Municipal clerks and 72 County clerks in the State of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission considers each of these clerks to be a partner in the process of carrying out open, fair and transparent elections. This page is a resource for clerks and other local election officials.

Clerk Subject Links

Recent Clerk Communications

In an effort to share information with our clerk partners we will post our communications on this page.

Calendar of Election and Campaign Events

Events related to Election activities are listed on the calendar. 

Guidance on Election Processes

This page is for clerks and election officials to use as a resource. The links on this page will assist those who are working at the polls.

Election Notices

Various election notices are required by statute to be published or posted prior to the election.  Certain notices and postings are required to be posted at the polling place on election day.


In a continuing effort to inform and prepare local election officials, clerks, and election inspectors we offer training yearly throughout the State of Wisconsin. Information about training dates, manuals, and requirements for training can be found on this page.

WisVote (formerly Statewide Voter Registration System)

The State of Wisconsin's WisVote system (formerly the Statewide Voter Registration System or SVRS) is used by  municipalities and counties to maintain the data of all voters in Wisconsin and manage elections.

Directory of Wisconsin Clerks

This directory contains contact information for all Wisconsin municipal and county clerks.

Election Legal Resources

Additional resources are provided for Election Day officials.

Miscellaneous Election Related Materials

The information at this link may be helpful to clerks, election officials, as well as the general public.

G.A.B. Committees

The G.A.B. has assembled committees consisting of county and municipal clerks to assist in developing procedures and policies and to assist with particular projects.

Redistricting Information

Redistricting occured after the 2010 census.  New districts went into effect for the 2012 spring elections. 

Online Election Management Links




Use these buttons for quick links to online election management applications: WisVote (Election Management), CRM Election Data, Canvass (CRS) = Now in WisVote, MyVote Wisconsin, BADGER Voters, Access Elections Audit Report, and WEC Elections Learning Center

For more on these applications, click here.

Data Entry Extensions Granted by the G.A.B and Outstanding Election Data Reports

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February 2, 2015
2014 General Election EDR and Participation Extension Request.pdf12.21 KB

As of December 18, 2014 some municipalities have been granted extensions by the G.A.B. for entering Election Day Registrations and recording voter participation. The list of extension requests is attached.

As of February 2, 2015, the Town of Plymouth (Juneau County) is the only municipality that has not yet completed entering the GAB-190 Election Voting and Registration Statistics Report into the Wisconsin Election Data Collection System (WEDCS) for the 2014 General Election. 

Statutory Authority to Request Information

“Information from County and Municipal Clerks.”  The board may request information from county and municipal clerks relating to election administration, performance of electronic voting systems and voting machines, and use of paper ballots in elections. Wis. Stat. § 5.05(14)

Local election officials are required to provide information requested under § 5.05 (14) to the Board upon request. Wis. Stats. §7.10(10), 7.15 (13)