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About our Statistics

The Wisconsin Elections Commission produces statistics on voter turnout and the number of registered voters. Additionally, the Commission produces reports of statistics prepared and reported by municipalities about elections, formerly known as the EL-190.

Statistics on statewide voter registration prior to the 2008 presidential election are not available. It was not until recent years that Wisconsin developed its Statewide Voter Registration System, now known as WisVote. Prior to implementation of SVRS in 2006, not all municipalities were required to maintain voter registration lists. Requests for WisVote data such as voter lists should be made using the Badger Voters website.

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Looking for Election Results?

Official, certified election results are posted a few weeks after Election Day. Local election results are posted by the county clerks on election night.

1,922 In Wisconsin, elections are conducted at neither the state nor county level. Arguably, Wisconsin has the most decentralized elections administration systems in the nation. There are 1,850 municipalities and 72 counties in Wisconsin

Personally Identifiable Information

Some information about voters is considered confidential, and can only be shared for law enforcement purposes, or official purposes of other government entities. As outlined in Wis. Stat. §6.36(1)(b), certain information cannot be released to the public, which includes:

• Date of birth
• Driver license or DOT-issued identification number
• Social Security Account Number
• The name or address of a confidential voter (see Wis. Stat. §6.47(3))
• An indication of a required accommodation to vote