The Learning Center (TLC)

Training Policy for WisVote Users

Wisconsin Elections Commission is charged with the security and accountability of the data in the WisVote system. WEC does not permit untrained users to have access to WisVote. When a county or municipality adds new staff, WEC will allow the county or municipal clerk to authorize the use of the online training available in The Learning Center for Municipal Clerk or Chief Inspector Training.

New users are required to complete the Securing WisVote training series AND all other required training related to their WisVote access level.

New Clerks

An "MCT Training" access certification allows new municipal clerks, without a need for WisVote access, to take the Municipal Clerk Core Curriculum Training class in the Learning Center. After completing all 16 sections and quizzes, clerks should report their training using the certification reporting form posted in the Learning Center.

All Other Users

All Chief and Election Inspectors may be given access to TLC to view any of the Elections Administration and Badger Book training webinars and modules available there. 

New chief inspectors need to take the Baseline Chief Inspector class. They must also take the 30-question Chief Inspector Self-Evaluation to be certified to conduct elections in the current term. The completion badge and self-evaluation badge should be shared with the clerk.