UPDATE #12: Recount Reminders


High Priority



Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Nathaniel E. Robinsion, Elections Division Administrator

With the statewide recount now more than halfway complete, many Boards of Canvassers are working diligently to complete their county recount by the Monday, May 9, 2011 deadline.  The G.A.B. cannot stress enough our gratitude for the meticulous work you and your Canvass Board Members have demonstrated throughout this historic time.  Please see the following updates from the G.A.B. regarding the Supreme Court recount.

Recount to be Complete by Monday, May 9, 2011

Recounts are required by §9.01 (1) (5)(ar)(3) to be completed thirteen days from the date of the G.A.B. order, requiring the Boards of Canvassers to be complete the recount by May 9, 2011.  The G.A.B. requests that you assess your current progress and determine when the Board of Canvassers will finish the recount.  If you believe you may not finish by the deadline, please notify the G.A.B. by sending electronic communication to GABRecount@wi.gov.  Please notify us by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4th, as it may be necessary that we request a court order if an extension is required for any counties.  In this communication, please make sure to include the steps the Canvass Board is taking in an attempt to meet this statutory requirement.  Also, please copy the email to the candidates’ legal counsel at the following email addresses:

Prosser Campaign:

Jim Troupis        jrtroupis@troupislawoffice.com
Daniel Kelly        dkelly@reinhartlaw.com

Kloppenburg Campaign:

Susan Crawford    crawford@cwpb.com
David Anstaett    danstaett@perkinscoie.com

The G.A.B. advises that Boards of Canvassers take the necessary actions to expeditiously but attentively recount the remaining reporting units, such as hiring additional tabulators or processing multiple reporting units simultaneously.  Please note the G.A.B. requests that you send notification to the GABRecount@wi.gov and the candidates’ attorneys at the email addresses listed above if you do plan to recount more than one reporting unit at the same time.  Additionally, make sure the Board of Canvassers has a detailed organizational plan so reporting units remain separate while recounted concurrently. 

County to Retain Election Returns

In Update #11, the G.A.B. addressed retaining both the Spring Election and Boards of Canvassers records until after time period for appeal to the Circuit Court has passed.  To further clarify, the county needs to retain all the election materials at the county headquarters until further notice is provided by the G.A.B. 

Recount Result to be Verified by County Clerk

In response to questions the G.A.B. has received, after the recount has been completed by the Board of Canvassers, the county clerk will need to make the necessary changes in the Canvass Reporting System.  After you have determined that all the numbers entered in the system are accurate, you will need to “verify” and send the G.A.B. a signed electronic copy of the “Federal State Certification Report for G.A.B.” to either wired@seb.state.wi.us or by fax at (608) 267-0500.  Please make sure to mail the original version to the G.A.B.

Send Recount Minutes to the G.A.B.

Once you have completed your recount, please make sure to send your recount minutes to the G.A.B.  The G.A.B. requests that you both email the minutes to GABRecount@wi.gov and mail the minutes to Government Accountability Board, Attention Michael Haas, 212 E. Washington Ave., Third Floor, Madison, WI 53703.  Thank you.