Final Recount Costs and Refund for 2020 Presidential Recount

On January 14, 2021, the Wisconsin Elections Commission issued a refund to the Trump campaign for $544,852.67, the amount under the $3 million estimated cost of the 2021 recount.

2020 Presidential Recount Costs

The estimated cost paid in advance by the Trump campaign: $3,000,000

Milwaukee County Reimbursement: $1,719,220.75

Dane County Reimbursement: $729,733.46

WEC Expenditures: $6,193.12

Refund to Campaign: $544,852.67

2020 Presidential Recount

The Wisconsin Elections Commission ordered a partial recount of presidential election results in Dane and Milwaukee counties after receiving a recount petition and $3 million payment from the Trump campaign. The recount order is attached below.

The recount order required Dane and Milwaukee counties boards of canvassers (BOCs) to convene by 9 a.m. Saturday, November 21, and complete their work by noon on Tuesday, December 1.