Recount Summary for May 2

More than half of the reporting units are now in, and 24 of the 72 counties have completed their recounts.

G.A.B. staff is receiving far fewer questions and calls from county clerks regarding recall procedures.

A note about the spreadsheet:  Going forward, it will contain all the reporting units, whether or not any results have been reported.  Some past spreadsheets had reporting units removed if we had received data but were still in the process of reviewing it.  Now, if data is in but not reported, it will say the reporting unit is under review.

The largest issue today was the one in Waupaca County, where the recount found several votes that were mistakenly not reported in the original canvass.  (See below for more information.)  That data will be included in the 6 p.m. update.  

There is no Milwaukee city data reported in the spreadsheet yet because the city has not yet completed the recount of absentee ballots, which are normally counted in a central location.