UPDATE #11: Recount Reminders


Information Only



Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Nathaniel E. Robinsion, Elections Division Administrator

As of noon today, we have over 50 percent of the reporting units in the state that have completed their recount for the office of Supreme Court.  Thirty five counties have reported that they have finished their recount with many nearing completion.  The statewide recount has illustrated the dedication and hard work election officials have for the electoral process.  The G.A.B. thanks you for your commitment in ensuring accurate and verified recount results.

Maintaining all Spring Election and Recount Election Returns

Please make sure that all election materials from both the Spring Election and Boards of Canvassers are maintained in the original format.  Do not send any of your electronic voting equipment memory devices to the manufacturers / programmers until after the time period for appeals to the circuit court has passed.  With potential litigation, the election materials may be necessary for any court action.  The G.A.B. will provide notification to all county clerks when both the spring election and recount materials may be addressed per § 7.23 Wis. Stats.  Thank you.