Request to Add Authorized Users to The Learning Center (TLC)



Policy. The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) is charged with the security and accountability of the data in the WisVote system. As such, WEC does not permit untrained users to have access to the WisVote system.

When a county or municipality adds new staff, the clerk, or authorized designee, will complete this request and submit it to the Elections Help Desk. New users are required to complete the Securing WisVote training series AND all other required training related to their WisVote access level, if applicable. Upon receipt of this request, a login and password will be issued to The Learning Center  (TLC) to allow for the new user to complete training.

To obtain access to WisVote, the clerk, or authorized designee, will complete the following process:

★Email a completed and signed copy of the Request to Add Authorized Users to TLC to the Elections Help Desk ([email protected]).  Identify the role type for each user identified on the form.  

Clerk Access - WisVote Certification

Data Entry Access - WisVote Certification

(For WEDC Entry or Read Only roles, choose the Data Entry Access link for information).  

* newusers