UPDATE #10: Recount Reminders


High Priority



Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Nathaniel E. Robinsion, Elections Division Administrator

The G.A.B. thanks you for your hard work and attentiveness throughout the statewide recount. Below are some additional reminders as you proceed with the recount process.

Adjusting SVRS and the GAB-190

Please keep the 2011 Spring Election open in SVRS and be prepared to update SVRS and the GAB-190 with changes from the recount.

Clerks should enter data into SVRS and the GAB-190 as they always do, and complete all data entry by May 5, 30 days after the April 5 election.  However, because of the recount, SVRS users should leave the 2011 Spring Election open until after the recount is completed.

If the recount changes the voter participation numbers, you must adjust SVRS and the GAB-190 to reflect the new totals.  For example, on Election Day, poll workers incorrectly rejected an absentee ballot.  In the recount, the ballot is accepted.  The voter should be issued a voter number, and have history recorded in SVRS.  The GAB-190 will be adjusted to show one more ballot and one more voter.

Municipalities that have closed the election in SVRS do not have to reopen it unless their voter history changes in the recount. If you need to reopen the election in SVRS, directions are in the Post Election Activities chapter of the SVRS manual. 

G.A.B. Staff Availability Over the Weekend

Please note that Elections Specialist Ross Hein and Staff Counsel Mike Haas will be available to offer assistance with the recount over the weekend.  The cell phone numbers for Mike Haas is (608) 228-7075 and Ross Hein is (608) 228-7078