Day Two Summary

Day Two of the statewide recount went relatively smoothly, with G.A.B. staff continuing to answer many questions from county clerks.  There were no reports of major problems.

There have been some anomalies reported, which have been resolved by individual boards of canvassers.  These are similar to issues we encounter in other recounts.  We anticipated these types of issues and many are addressed in our Q & A section on the website.

The updated spreadsheet that was posted late Wednesday was removed from this page early Thursday when we discovered some data entry errors.  Some errors occurred in transferring information from clerk e-mails to the spreadsheet, and some were due to typos by clerks.  We have been working today to ensure that the data we post is as accurate as possible.  Please keep in mind that these are unofficial numbers.

We expect to post the spreadsheet, which will contain numbers from Wednesday’s recount activities, around 6 p.m. today.  It will not contain numbers from today because many of the counties are working late tonight.