UPDATE #9: Recount Reminders


High Priority



Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Nathaniel E. Robinsion, Elections Division Administrator

Thank you for your careful attention to detail during the recount process.  Statewide, the recount got off to a relatively smooth start yesterday.  Some questions arose, of course, regarding procedural and equipment issues, as well as decisions related to specific ballots.  That is the case in any recount and we are not aware of any unusual situations or controversies that your Boards of Canvassers were not able to resolve.  We appreciate that you, Board members, tabulators, and other assistants are being thorough and meticulous in completing your tasks.

We want to provide you with the following guidance and reminders as you proceed with the recount process.

Canvass Reporting System:  The Canvass Reporting System is now open for use during the Supreme Court recount, and includes a Recount results set for each county to use.  After logging into the Canvass Reporting System and selecting the 2011 Spring Election, you will see that the status of the canvass for the 2011 Spring Election is “Recount – In Process”.   Click on your county’s name to access the results sets for the Justice of the Supreme Court Contest and you will see the Recount results set. 

Please note that some counties have had recounts in other contests, in which case there will be two Recount results sets in the results set dropdown.  The Justice of the Supreme Court recount is the recount results set at the top of the results sets in the dropdown.  The Canvass System will default to the correct result set and you will see that results can only be entered into the Justice of the Supreme Court contest.

The Recount results will be filled in with the Original results that were certified.  You may enter changes manually or upload a new file.  Follow the same steps you did for the original canvass to enter results, verify, and certify your Recount results. Even if you have no changes to make you will need to hit save before you can verify your recount results and print your certification report.

If you have any questions regarding entering your results into the Canvass Reporting System please consult the online user manual at http://gab.wi.gov/sites/default/files/publication/69/canvass_chapter_ap…
or call the GAB Helpdesk at 608-261-2028.

Nightly emails:  Thank you for submitting your nightly emails to document totals for wards that have been completed.  We wish to clarify that the “total ballots cast” figure should include blank ballots and overvotes and undervotes, not only the total of the votes cast for either candidate and scattering.

For your information in the event you are asked by the public or by the media, we discovered several data entry errors on our end this morning which we are correcting in the spreadsheet posted on our website.  Results for a handful of reported municipalities erroneously reflected large differences in total ballots cast or vote swings in the 40 – 130 vote range.  We are also instituting measures to double check our spreadsheet before posting it on the website.  When we observe a significant change from the original county canvass reports (more than a 10 vote swing), we will determine if it is our data entry or if we need additional information from you to verify the results before posting them.  If you detect a significant difference from the original canvass results that was addressed by the Board, it would be helpful if you could provide a brief explanation in order to confirm the change which might make it unnecessary for us to try to connect with you while you are busy with recount duties.

Q&A Section:  As indicated in our previous communication, we are posting common or significant questions that have been raised by clerks and our responses, in the Recount Questions and Answers section of the recount page on our website, at http://gab.wi.gov/elections-voting/recount.  You may find guidance regarding an issue that arises by consulting that information.  However, we encourage you to contact us by telephone or by email at gabrecount@wi.gov if you need assistance with any questions, particularly if the Board is asked to do so by one of the candidate’s designated representatives.

Correction of Email Address for Attorney Troupis:  In Status Update #8, we provided an incorrect email address for Attorney Jim Troupis, one of the attorneys representing the Prosser campaign.  The correct email address is jrtroupis@troupislawoffice.com.  Please correct your records to use this address when providing notice regarding canvassing multiple wards or other matters that are conveyed to the four attorneys representing the campaigns.