Curbside Voting

Curbside voting is for people who are unable to enter the polling place due to disability, which includes being immunocompromised or having symptoms of COVID-19.

Your polling place should have a procedure to allow you to indicate that you need to curbside vote. Your polling place may have signs outside with a phone number, specific parking spots to park in for curbside, a doorbell to ring for curbside, or a greeter outside to initiate this process. Please note that any voter who is immunocompromised, was exposed to or has symptoms of COVID-19, or has a disability must be allowed to curbside vote.


  1. Contact your municipal clerk by searching here prior to Election Day. Your clerk can explain their curbside voting procedures, or possibly set up a time to meet you outside with your ballot.
  2. You will be asked to confirm that you are unable to enter the polling place due to disability. The Wisconsin Elections Commission affirmed that being immunocompromised or having symptoms of COVID-19 are included in this status.
  3. After affirming, you will be asked to provide a photo ID. You can show the ID through your car window and the poll worker can read it through the glass. You will not sign the poll book.
  4. The poll worker will get your ballot and allow you to vote from your vehicle. It is recommended that you open your window just enough that a ballot can be slid through to promote social distancing. You will be provided with a privacy sleeve to place your ballot in after voting.
  5. The poll worker will bring your ballot inside and insert it into the ballot box or tabulator.