Webinar on Polling Place and Central Count Security Considerations

As election day approaches, the security of polling places and central count locations has become a topic of growing interest. To address the increasing number of inquiries on the subject, WEC has worked internally as well as with several state and federal security partners to construct a webinar titled Polling Place and Central Count Physical Security.  The webinar and associated documentation are intended for election inspectors and clerks and are available in The Learning Center.  This pre-recorded training piece covers a wide range of topics including:  

  • Physical Assessments: How to review on-site security procedures and develop plans.
  • Risks vs. Threats:  Assessing in advance and in real time.
  • Situational Awareness:  Preparation and what to watch for.
  • Conflict De-Escalation:  Best practices for resolving situations in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Firearms in and around the Polling Place:  Rules, expectations, and election official authority.
  • Observers:  Overview of rules regulating election observer behavior in the polling place.

Since security is an ever-evolving environment, WEC recommends election inspectors as well as local and county clerks stay up to date with any communications from WEC and our state and federal security partners.  If you have any questions or need assistance in The Learning Center, please contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission Help Desk at 608-266-8005 or @email.