Democracy Suite 4.14 Additional Training Resources webinar ★

As previously outlined, one of the areas of focus identified by the Commission was an increased level of training for clerks and election inspectors who interact with this equipment. Below, you’ll find a link to a prerecorded webinar prepared by WEC staff that further outlines the Commission’s decision to amend the certification and provides in-depth explanations of the administrative procedures in place to correctly remake overvoted ballots when appropriate. The webinar also discusses next steps, canvass tips, and page references to the specific procedures outlined in the Election Day Manual.

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Per the Commission’s directive, the webinar was constructed to include the following information:

  • At its February 3, 2021 meeting, the Wisconsin Elections Commission voted to amend the certification of Dominion Voting Systems Democracy Suite 4.14. The ImageCast Evolution (ICE) is utilized as part of this system.
  • The amended certification requires that the ICE be programmed to scan ballots for marks in the oval only.
  • This decision does not impact the programming for the February 16, 2021 Spring Primary.
  • Clerks should expand election inspector training in regard to proper procedures when the tabulator displays an overvote warning.
    • Ballots must be returned to the election inspector and reviewed for overvotes and remade as necessary.
    • These procedures, as detailed in the webinar and the Election Day Manual, should be a primary point of focus for clerks training their election inspectors moving forward.
    • Failure to properly adhere to these procedures can result in improperly processed ballots and voters’ ballot choices not being accurately recorded.

Please see the link below to access the full clerk memo regarding the Elections Commission decision to amend the Democracy Suite 4.14 Certification and how it impacts programming of the ImageCast Evolution for elections beginning with the April 2021 Spring Primary, proper overvote procedures, and recommendations for increased election inspector training.

Memo link:

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