2021 Four-Year Voter Record Maintenance

The purpose of this memo is to alert clerks of some important dates and required actions for the 2021 four-year voter record maintenance.  

Clerks will use WisVote to process returned postcards and update voter records.  Before processing any returned postcards, please view the pre-recorded instructional webinar and carefully review the written instructions provided with this memo. WisVote processing instructions can be found in WisVote News.

  • June 9 – June 14:  Clerks Review the WisVote training materials attached to this communication and the pre-recorded webinar available on The Learning Center (TLC) WisVote 2021 Four-Year Maintenance (password required). WisVote tracking instructions can be found WisVote News.
  • June 15:  The Notice of Suspension of Registration postcards will be mailed to voters identified as having not voted within the previous four years.  Voters sent a postcard will have their voter status in WisVote set to “Active” with a status reason of “Suspended.”  Please refer to the training materials above for instructions on how to view the list of voters sent a four-year maintenance post card.  
  • July 15:  Deadline for voters to respond with an Application for Continuation of Registration.  Voters who did not request continuation, or whose Notice of Suspension of Registration was not returned to the clerk by July 15, 2021, will have their voter status changed to “Inactive” with a status reason of “4-Year Maintenance.”  Directions for processing postcards that are returned after July 15, 2021 are found in the FAQs posted with the training materials.  
  • July 31:  Last day for clerks to process returned postcards. Voters who were sent a postcard and are Active-Suspended status will be deactivated on July 31, 2021.
  • August 1:  The WEC posts the voter record maintenance statistics online see Wis. Stats. §6.50 (2r). Therefore, it is imperative that clerks process all returned and undeliverable postcards in WisVote.

If you have any questions, please contact the WEC Help Desk. Call 608-261-2028 or email  @email.