Election Day Voting


Remember to bring an acceptable photo ID to the polling place. You should also bring along proof of residence, if you need to register at the polls.

  1. Voters should have their photo ID ready when they enter the polling place.
  2. Check in with the greeter, if your polling place has one. Greeters will usually be able to verify if you are already registered or need to fill out a new registration form. If the polling place covers multiple wards, the greeter will be able to direct you to the correct line.
  3. Fill out a new registration form if you are a new Wisconsin voter or if you have changed your name or address since you last voted. You will have to provide proof of residence when registering. You do not have to show your photo ID when registering, but you will have to show photo ID before being issued a ballot.
  4. Poll workers will ask you to state your name and address. This is not a new requirement of the voter photo ID law. It has always been a requirement.
  5. Poll workers will ask you to show your photo ID.
    • The voter’s photo ID must be one of the acceptable documents specified by law.
    • The voter’s photo ID must be current. For State of Wisconsin Driver License or State ID cards, Military IDs, and Passports, they can be expired, if they expired since the last General Election (currently November 3, 2020).
    • The voter’s photo ID must reasonably resemble the voter.
    • The voter’s photo ID must have the voter’s name on it.
  6. The name on the photo ID must conform to the voter’s name on the poll list. An exact match is not necessary. For example, Bob conforms to Robert, Sue conforms to Susan, and Smith-Jones conforms to Smith if the voter has recently been married.
  7. Poll workers will ask you to sign the poll list. If you are unable to sign because of a physical disability, you are exempt from this requirement. You should inform a poll worker that you are unable to sign.
  8. Poll workers write the Election Day voter number in the poll list, and issue you a ballot.
  9. If you do not have a photo ID, you are allowed to vote by provisional ballot. You can bring your photo ID to the polling place by 8:00 p.m. You may also present your photo ID to the municipal clerk in person by 4:00 p.m. the Friday after the Election. If you provide photo ID by the deadline, the ballot will count. If you do not provide photo ID by the deadline, your ballot will not count.

Please be understanding and kind to the poll workers!