Make Your Vote Count Brochure 2018


Whether you vote at the polling place or by absentee ballot, you take for granted that your vote will be counted as you intended. Unfortunately, a hastily or carelessly marked ballot can cause your votes to be counted incorrectly or not at all.

The act of voting is a responsibility that should be executed with care and consideration. This brochure will help you avoid common ballot-marking mistakes and provide you with other helpful information, such as:

Complete Guide to Voting in Wisconsin and the Photo ID Law - Presentation Materials- PowerPoint, script, and packet


Attached please find materials that you can use to host your own voter education event. As attachments to this communication you will find a PowerPoint presentation you can use along with a script that covers information on each slide. There is also the "Complete Guide to Voting" which follows along with the presentation that you can hand out to voters. If you would rather show a pre-recorded version of the presentation at your event, you can find the pre-recorded PowerPoint video here: