2017 Spring Election EL-190NF: Election Voting and Registration Statistics Report

Note regarding the EL-190NF: Election Voting and Registration Statistics Report

As of August 7, 2017, six of Wisconsin's 1,857 municipalities have not completed their statutorily-required reports:  City of Fountain City - Buffalo County, Town of Plymouth – Juneau County, Town of McKinley - Polk County, Town of Ogema - Price County, Town of Eau Galle – St. Croix County, and Town of Sumner - Trempealeau County.

For information about what information municipalities are required to report, please consult the EL-190-NF form. The blank form and the Help Guide are valuable for interpreting results.

Note regarding the Election Day Registration Postcards Report

The 2017 Spring Election Election Day Registration (EDR) Postcards statistics report should not be construed as a final accounting and has not been audited by Commission staff for errors.

This report reflects the information reported by each municipal clerk and/or election commission as of November 11, 2017. While initial reports are due 90 days after a state or federal election, clerks have the ability to update their data as more specific information becomes available.  The spreadsheet includes a listing of all municipalities that have not yet submitted completed EDR reports at the time of posting.

This report will be updated monthly until there is a final accounting of all EDR post cards from the 2017 Spring Election.

Note regarding 2016 Cost Reports

A list of municipalities that have not yet completed cost reporting requirements is included with the EL-191 report as a separate spreadsheet tab.

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