2016 Presidential Preference and Spring Election GAB-190F: Election Voting and Registration Statistics Report

As of August 18, 2016, the following municipalities have not completed their statutorily required reports: City of Dodgeville, City of Tomahawk, Town of Hewett, Town of Lynn, Town of Plymouth, Town of Union, and Town of Eau Galle.

The Presidential Preference and Spring Election Day Registration (EDR) Postcards statistics report should not be construed as a final accounting and has not been audited by Commission staff for errors.

This report reflects the information reported by each municipal clerk and/or election commission as of April 5,2017.  It supersedes the previous reports, which are posted for comparison purposes.  While initial reports are due 90 days after a state or federal election, clerks have the ability to update their data as more specific information becomes available.

There will be no further updates to the 2016 Spring Election EDR report.  A list of municipalities that have not completed their EDR reporting requirements is included in the final posted report.

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