2020 Post-Election Voting Equipment Audit Final Report

2020 Post-Election Voting Equipment Audit Results Summary

Over six days in November, county and municipal clerks directed the hand tally auditing of more than 145,000 ballots from the November 2020 General Election. The findings of the 2020 Post-Election Voting Equipment Audit showed that there was no evidence that any voting equipment subject to audit and used in the 2020 General Election in Wisconsin changed votes from one candidate to another, incorrectly tabulated votes, or altered vote totals in any way.

The concerns identified in this report do not represent programming errors, unauthorized alterations or “hacking” of voting equipment software or malfunctions of voting equipment that altered the outcome of any races on the ballot. They do, however, highlight the limitations of electronic voting equipment and underscore the necessity of comprehensive administrative procedures required to ensure the effectiveness of voting equipment used in Wisconsin elections.

Please see the attached report.

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