Did thousands of voters fail driver’s license checks because they are not real people and possess fraudulent licenses?

No.  The Wisconsin Elections Commission has not received a single substantiated report of a specific person who misrepresented their identity and/or provided a fraudulent driver’s license to election officials.  

Driver’s license checks are a complicated subject.  Some people are conflating and misinterpreting several different types of data related to the voter registration list and multiple processes designed to ensure election integrity. Voter data mismatches happen about 5% of the time, and are almost always typos, not fraud.  These voter records are never removed from the system – there are no “ghost voters.”

Wisconsin’s election laws provide multiple layers of security designed to:

  • Prevent fraudulent registrations -- ensuring that voters are real, eligible citizens, who live in Wisconsin
  • Ensure clean voter lists – providing for deactivation of voters who die, are convicted of a felony, or who move out of state
  • Protect against voter impersonation through strict photo ID requirements. 

The Wisconsin Elections Commission performs two types of check with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): HAVA checks and Online Voter Registration (OVR) checks.

For more information about these checks please visit https://elections.wi.gov/resources/quick-reference-topics/what-havadmv-check-and-how-do-they-work.