WEC Newsletter Volume III, Issue IV

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Thank you all for your hard work to ensure another efficient and secure election!

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Resources available to help clerks with reconciliation

The Spring Primary Election will require all municipalities to perform election reconciliation in WisVote as part of the post-election requirements.

The WEC recently included a new tool to assist you with reconciling absentee ballot issues. This tool is called the Reconciliation Report and can be found in WisVote under the Reports tab for your election.

Need help troubleshooting common reconciliation issues? Section 5.4 of the WisVote User Manual will walk you through step-by-step how to do that and more. You can find that manual on WEC's The Learning Center (also known as "TLC").

As always, feel free to contact us with questions!

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Help us design new absentee envelopes

Ahead of the 2024 elections, the commission will consider a redesign of the absentee envelopes in use today. This project will include both envelopes: the carrier envelope used to send the ballot to the voter, and the certificate envelope the voter completes and uses to send their complete ballot back to the clerk's office. Please complete the survey linked below to share your thoughts on the timing of this transition and to answer other questions regarding the absentee envelope redesign project. Please complete the survey by March 10.

Take the Survey!

If you bought Badger Books and haven’t had training, contact us.


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Preparing for Spring Election

Canvassing Resources

All primaries and elections must be canvassed (the process that officially certifies the election results). Each municipality and county has a Board of Canvassers consisting of three individuals. These boards review the results from their polling places, add up the counted votes, and determine who received the most votes and will move on to the April election. See below for information about suggested procedures.

Web Resources

Manual for municipal clerks

Manual for county clerks

Ballot Proofs

WEC staff ask that county clerks send their ballot proofs to the WEC Help Desk as soon as possible after the February 21, 2023 Spring Primary. Ballots must be printed and provided to municipal clerks by March 13, 2023 as municipalities must send ballots to voters with requests on file by March 14, 2023. Early reviews ensure county clerks have more time to receive printed ballots.

UPDATED: Badger Book Troubleshooting Guide on TLC

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WEC staff updated resources in The Learning Center (TLC) under the Badger Books tile.

  • NEW! Printer setup and troubleshooting guide
  • Scanner configuration
  • Post-Election Day checklist
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Updates to our website:

Thank You For The Feedback!

Many of you responded to the survey we sent out in January requesting feedback about the new website or provided anecdotal feedback by email since we launched the website in July. Thank you! We used that input to make some changes that we think you will appreciate:

  • The way forms are displayed has been modified so each form takes up less space, showing more forms on each page.
  • All attachments (manuals, memos, resources, etc.) open in the same window rather than downloading.
  • Events display so that the closest event appears first and future events are below. You can select "past" or "upcoming" if you have specific events you want to see.
  • Individual FAQs can now be linked and shared.

Finally, we added two new pages to the website. "Wisconsin's Election Fact Checks" compiles content created to clear up questions or concerns from the public regarding elections. And while this may not apply to you, there is a new page specifically for School District Clerks. Please share it with any school districts you work with.

We hope you find these changes valuable and we encourage you to continue to share your feedback with us so we can continue to improve your website experience.

Countdown to the April 4 Spring Election: