Absentee Ballot Witnesses

Insufficient Witness Information

Clerks must take corrective actions to remedy a witness address error. If clerks are able to discern any missing information for outside sources, clerks are not required to contact the voter before making that correction directly to the absentee certificate envelope. 

Obtaining a Witness

All absentee voters must obtain a witness signature on the absentee certificate envelope. A witness must be a U.S. Citizen who is 18 years or older, but it could be a neighbor, spouse, or family member of the voter. If a voter is struggling to get a witness, we suggest that the voter asks a family member, friend, or neighbor to witness their ballot through a window, from a distance, or on video chat (as long as they’re able to sign it later). A voter can also ask a store clerk, a mail carrier, or even someone at a drive-through.