Accountability Board Comments on Circuit Court “HAVA Checks” Decision


MADISON, WI – In response to a Dane County Circuit Court decision rendered Thursday in favor of the Government Accountability Board, G.A.B. Chairman Judge Thomas Cane and Director & General Counsel, Kevin J. Kennedy, issued the following statement:

“The court decision yesterday confirms that only the Government Accountability Board – not the Wisconsin Department of Justice – has  the authority and responsibility for administering elections in Wisconsin including promulgating standards that comply with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, and state law. The court found that the Government Accountability Board did not violate state or federal law.

The Board’s relentless focus continues to be to protect the right of every eligible voter to participate in the state’s open, fair and transparent electoral process, while at the same time vigorously pursuing and taking action on every credible charge of election wrong-doing.

In on-going consultation with Wisconsin’s many local election officials, the Board’s review and evaluation of elections business processes and practices continues for ensuring a complete, current and accurate voter database that promotes accountability and security.”