Recount Update: 88.5% of ballots recounted

The daily recount spreadsheet has been posted:… .

Sixty out of Wisconsin's 72 counties have now completed the recount, and all appear to be on schedule to finish by the deadline on Monday.

The total number of ballots counted stands at 2,635,670 which is approximately 88.58% of the total ballots cast for President (2,975,313).

The net change is +1,322 votes:

  • +560 Trump/Pence
  • +609 Clinton/Kaine
  • +19 Castle/Bradley
  • +66 Johnson/Weld
  • +63 Stein/Baraka
  • +11 Moorhead/Lilly
  • -6 De la Fuente/Steinberg

Important Note: The changes in vote totals do not include the City of Milwaukee, which has reported partial numbers for individual reporting units (wards or combinations of wards) because it is recounting absentee ballots separately.  Milwaukee is included in the 88.5 percent completed figure.