FAQs - Issue Absentee Ballots as a Batch (and Dymo)



WisVote Users,

We have received numerous calls in the last couple of days with questions on setting up absentee labels to bulk print and questions on getting your dymo labels to print.  Attached you will find detailed instructions that will help guide you through the process for creating batch absentee sheet labels.  On Monday, we plan to post on the new “FAQ” tile in WisVote tips for setting up the dymo printers.  Each dymo seems to work somewhat differently and solutions that are working for some, aren’t working for others, so getting these set-up again will be trial and error unfortunately (this is what happened with SVRS too).  

Thank you so much for your patience as we work out the initial growing pains and please let us know if you are having any challenges getting you labels printed to meet Tuesday’s absentee deadline.  We will be providing additional phone coverage on Monday and plan to be here until at least 6 pm or later to make sure clerk’s absentee label concerns are addressed.  Thank you!