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WisVote Update #9

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January 8, 2016
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael Haas, Elections Division Administrator
Marianne Griffin, Elections Specialist
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This is the ninth in a series of clerk communications to keep Wisconsin Election Officials informed about WisVote, the modernized SVRS.  WisVote will be live on Monday, January 11.  

Welcome to WisVote!

WisVote will be available on Monday, January 11.  If you are a current SVRS user, you will immediately have access to WisVote.  WisVote is a web-based voter registration application that is accessed directly from an internet browser.  The WisVote system is fully supported by the Internet Explorer browser and is the recommended browser.  Accessing WisVote through other browsers may affect the functionality of the system.


Username:  SVRS\ your SVRS username (you will need to manually type in SVRS\)

Password: Your SVRS password

Most of your existing data in SVRS was transferred into WisVote.  All voter information, addresses, absentee applications, districts and boundaries, and election participation was transferred.  Other data, including office positions and polling place locations, were transferred but cleaned up to eliminate duplicates and standardize naming conventions.  Polling place assignment plans and reporting unit plans were not transferred as they have been replaced with “Election Plans” in WisVote.  See Update #6 for a more detailed explanation of the data transfer.  It is essential that you review the data in your jurisdiction (this should be completed by providers if you are a relier), and let G.A.B. know if there are any discrepancies.

Note: Candidates for future elections (including the Spring 2016 Election) were not transferred into WisVote. 

Election Set-up Checklist & Tips for Getting Started

We have created an Election Set-Up Checklist that includes steps that should be completed once you are able to access WisVote on Monday, January 11.  This checklist will help you prioritize your election and WisVote tasks, and assist your preparation for the statewide Primary Election on February 16.  The checklist is posted with this update, and is the same checklist that has been posted with prior WisVote updates.  

For municipalities with a population of fewer than 35,000, creating your Election Plan will be one of the first things that you need to do in the new system.  The WisVote Learning Center contains the manual sections and detailed tutorials on how to complete this task.

A separate document posted with this update includes some tips that will be helpful as you begin using WisVote.

Learning Center and WisVote Manual

The WisVote Learning Center is an online platform that consists of interactive tutorials, demonstration overviews, and the WisVote User Manual.  The Learning Center allows clerks and other election staff to complete training on their own time and can be used as a reference at any point during the election process.  The complete user manual is now available and all core training resources have been completed.

WisVote Learning Center:

Username:  Your SVRS username (you do not need to enter SVRS\ for the Learning Center)

Password: Wisvote1

If you have limited time and want to get started right away, here are the suggested “Top 5” tutorials to start with on the WisVote Learning Center:

Issue Tracking Survey

Despite extensive system testing and review, there may be a few bugs associated with some WisVote processes at launch.  To help G.A.B. staff compile these errors, we have created a survey to better track any issues or bugs encountered while using WisVote or the WisVote Learning Center.  If you have feedback about the new system, suggestions for enhancements or are seeing minor errors, please use the survey to submit those to G.A.B.  If you have immediate concerns, please contact the Help Desk. 

WisVote Issue Tracking Survey

New User Certification

All current users of SVRS will have immediate access to WisVote.  Clerks and staff new to SVRS and WisVote may take in-person training in our Madison office in mid-January or complete online training using the WisVote Learning Center starting Monday, January 11.  There are three user roles in WisVote to choose from: Clerk, Data Entry, or Read Only. For more details about each role, please consult the WisVote Manual or contact the G.A.B. for more information.

To receive a username and password for the WisVote Learning Center, new users should take the following steps:

  • Request WisVote Learning Center Access

Send an email to requesting WisVote Learning Center access for you and/or your staff.  Helpdesk staff will promptly respond to your email and provide you log-in credentials to access the Learning Center.  Staff will also provide site navigation instructions in order to gather curriculum requirements.

  • Take WisVote Learning Center Training

Log into the WisVote Learning Center and follow the appropriate certification for your access level:

  • Certify Completed Training and Receive WisVote Credentials

Fax or email a completed and signed copy of the appropriate WisVote Learning Center Access Certification, Request to Add Authorized Users form and WisVote Confidentiality Agreement to (608) 267-0500 or  Upon receipt of these forms, the G.A.B. Help Desk will create WisVote user accounts for you and/or your staff and email you their logon credentials. 

WisVote Enhancements Coming Soon

There are a few things in WisVote that will not be functional at launch.  We are continuing to work on these areas and they should be operational shortly.

Letter and Mailings: Users will not be able to create letters/mailings to voters in the system on Monday, January 11. If you have difficulty printing letters or mailings verify that your compatibility view is disabled. This can be done by clicking on Tools in the upper-right corner of your Internet Explorer browser and selecting Compatability View settings.  Remove from your compatibility view websites.

Some voter reports will be unavailable: Users can use Voter Search or export any of the voter views, but these views are all limited to a maximum of 2,500 records.  If you need to run a report that includes more than 2,500 voter records, please contact the G.A.B.  If you receive a data request from a candidate, you can refer them to the BadgerVoters website ( where they can access that information.

Batch absentee ballot labels: Users are currently unable to issue absentee ballot labels in batches.  You will be able to print a label for one voter at a time.  We anticipate this feature to be functional prior to the statutory deadline to send out absentee ballots.

Revisions and Refinements

In the coming weeks and months, G.A.B. staff will continue to refine and revise the WisVote system and the Learning Center training materials.  We expect to publish a revision of the WisVote manual by the end of February that reflects any updates in the system.  Tutorials will also continue to be updated and will be uploaded to the Learning Center in an on-going basis.

As we receive feedback from clerks, we will continue to make changes and updates to WisVote to improve the functionality and user experience.

MyVote will be fully functional on Monday, January 11 (except the click and mail functionality which is being redesigned and will be ready in July 2016), along with the Badger Voters website.  Canvass, WEDCS, and CRM 2011 will continue to be used in their current form.  In future phases of our development process, these systems will be re-built and incorporated into WisVote, but this will unlikely be completed before any election in 2016.  For the 2016 Spring election cycle, clerks will still need to get their Ineligible List and Adjudicated Incompetent Voters List from CRM 2011.

Goodbye to SVRS, Hello to WisVote

We appreciate your patience and willingness to adapt to this new voter registration and election management system.  Despite all of our efforts in development, testing, and training, and all of the excellent feedback we received from clerks already, we anticipate that there will be some glitches that need further attention and work.  That is an important part of any major IT initiative, and your continued input regarding the system as well as the training tools is needed in order to identify common issues that we need to address. 

Whether or not you are glad to say goodbye to SVRS, we hope that WisVote will make it easier to manage the future of Wisconsin elections.  All of us will be adapting to this significant change in election administration during 2016.  Please remember that, as always, our staff is here to help and we will respond as quickly as we can to any questions that arise.