Governor Appoints Two New Government Accountability Board Members


MADISON, WI – Governor Scott Walker has appointed two new members to the Government Accountability Board to fill vacancies created by one term expiration and one resignation.

The new Board members are:

  • The Honorable Edward E. Leineweber of Lone Rock, who served as a Richland County Circuit Court Judge from 1997 to 2011.  He is currently a reserve judge and in private practice.
  • The Honorable Victor Manian of Glendale, a former member of the G.A.B. who served from 2008 until 2009.  He served as a Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge from 1975 to 2004.

The new members will serve until June 30 when the G.A.B. is dissolved and replaced by separate Elections and Ethics commissions as required by 2015 Wisconsin Act 118.  The new members’ first meeting will be Tuesday, January 12, when the G.A.B. holds its annual organizational meeting to choose new officers.  More information about the meeting is available here:

The new members replace:

  • Judge Thomas H. Barland of Eau Claire, whose six-year term expired, but who continued to serve until his replacement was named.  Judge Barland served the Eau Claire area over four decades, first as a Republican state legislator and then as a nonpartisan judge, between 1961 and 2000.  He was appointed to the G.A.B. by Governor Jim Doyle in 2009 to a term expiring in 2015. He was chair of the Board in 2011 and 2014.
  • Judge Elsa Lamelas of Shorewood, who resigned December 28. Judge Lamelas is a former federal prosecutor who went on to become a nonpartisan circuit court judge in Milwaukee County before retiring from the bench in 2012.  She was appointed to the G.A.B. by Governor Walker in 2013 to a term expiring in 2019.  She was vice chair of the Board in 2015.

“On behalf of Judge Franke, Judge Froehlich and Judge Vocke, I would like to welcome Judge Leineweber and Judge Manian to the G.A.B.,” said Judge Gerald C. Nichol, who chaired the Board in 2015. “I would also like to thank Judge Barland and Judge Lamelas for their service on the Board and to the people of Wisconsin.”

“While the G.A.B.’s remaining time is relatively short, the Board will have an important role in ensuring there is a smooth transition to the new commissions and continuity of services to Wisconsin’s voters, local election officials, campaign committees and the lobbying community,” Nichol said.

Governor Walker made his appointments from four nominees submitted last year by the Government Accountability Candidate Committee, which is comprised of four Wisconsin Court of Appeals judges.
They are charged with nominating individuals to serve on the G.A.B. from a list of applicants, all of whom must be former elected judges.

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