G.A.B. Launches “Voting 101: Back to Basics” Speaker Series


MADISON, WI – Wisconsin election officials are reaching out to voters this fall, speaking to groups around the state about “Voting 101: Back to Basics.”

The Government Accountability Board created the Voting 101 speaker series to help Wisconsin voters learn what they need to know for the November General Election.  The G.A.B. is partnering with local election officials, community organizations, and elected officials to identify voter groups who are interested in hosting a “Voting 101: Back to Basics” event.

“Organizations that work with voters may call the G.A.B. to request a speaker,” said Kevin J. Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief election officer. “While we do not have the resources to help every individual voter, we can provide organizations with the tools and knowledge to help voters get the information they need.”

“The ‘Voting 101: Back to Basics’ speaker series is part of the larger public education, information and outreach program the G.A.B. is conducting to ready voters for the November 6, 2012 General Election,” said Elections Division Administrator Nathaniel E. Robinson.  “G.A.B. staff members will be available to make presentations that will provide the core information all voters need to know in order to exercise their right to vote.” 

The G.A.B.’s 2012 Voting 101 speaker series will continue until the November 6, 2012 General Election. Events will be scheduled based on staff availability.  If staff is unavailable, or if a group has less than 30 participants, the G.A.B. will refer requesters to a webinar presentation or a pre-recorded presentation.  G.A.B. speakers are available Monday through Sunday during and after business hours.  Voting 101 presentations are about one hour in length and include time for audience questions. 

For questions about the “Voting 101: Back to Basics” speaker series or to schedule an event, please contact Voter Services Specialist Meagan McCord Wolfe at (608) 266-8175 or meagan.wolfe@wi.gov

For more information, contact

Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887