Election Day Issues -- 9:20 p.m. Update


9:20 p.m. -- Nothing else to report tonight.


8 p.m. -- We have had multiple reports from around the state of problems with paper optical scan ballots.  Variations in the printing process have caused some ballots not to align correctly.  The ballots can be read when positioned a certain way.

We continue to receive reports of heavy turnout around the state, with some municipalities needing to print additional ballots.

Just a clarification about voter turnout, and what the record is for an off-year election.  Some media have reported that 2006 was a record.  From our news release on 10/20:

Historically, the highest voter turnout in an off-year general election since 1960 was 52.4 percent in 1962.  In 2006, a year in which there was a statewide referendum on same-sex marriage, turnout was 50.9 percent.  Wisconsin’s 2010 voting age population is 4,372,347 people.  Statistics on past voter turnout and current voter registration are available at http://gab.wi.gov/elections-voting/statistics.


The G.A.B. staff is fielding many phone calls from voters and clerks around the state.

We have had reports of heavy turnout everywhere. 

The biggest problem we've had reports of so far is that some local election officials make up rules on their own and require people to show photo IDs before they can vote. Wisconsin law and G.A.B. policy are clear that no photo ID is required to vote.  These reports came from the town of Oakland in Jefferson County, the town of  Troy in Sauk County, and the town of Byron in Monroe County.

In Brookfield, a suburb outside of Milwaukee, 40 voters received the wrong ballots early this morning due to human error.  There was a mixup of ballots for Wards 15 and 16.  The city of Brookfield clerk has taken all the appropriate steps to document the problem.  The votes will be counted as cast. 

There have been some reports of minor voting equipment problems -- optical scanners not accepting ballots.

Columbia County is preparing to print extra ballots.



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