Elections Complaints Accepted

Complaints involving the following parties and subjects may be filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission:

  • Election Crimes
    Anyone who witnesses potential election fraud or voter intimidation may file a report with the Commission.  See Section §12.13.
  • Local election officials
    A voter may file a complaint alleging that an election official has violated the law or abused the official’s discretion regarding nominations, qualifications of candidates, voting qualifications, including residence, ward division and renumbering, recall, ballot preparation, election administration or conduct of elections.  See Section §5.06
  • Compliance with federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
    Whenever any person believes that a violation of HAVA has occurred, is occurring, or is proposed to occur with respect to an election for national office in Wisconsin, that person may file a written, verified complaint with the Commission.  See Section §5.061, Stats.