WEC’s Postcard Mailing Initiative Helps Ensure Absentee Voting Remains Secure

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Elections Commission this week will continue a postcard mailing initiative started in August as an additional step to ensure absentee voting remains a secure and reliable way to vote. 

On Monday, the WEC mailed 12,739 postcards to voters to affirm that those who requested to have their absentee ballot sent to an address other than their voter registration address did so themselves.  

The Commission established the postcard mailing after alleged isolated attempts to submit fraudulent absentee ballot requests. 

The postcard serves as a transaction confirmation, alerting voters that a request was submitted in their name.

Postcard Initiative Details: 

•    Via two separate mailings, the WEC is notifying Wisconsin voters whose absentee ballot request for the November 8 General Election is being sent to a mailing address different than the voter registration address on file for the voter. 
•    The WEC mailed the first batch of postcards on Monday to 12,739 voters. The WEC will send another batch of postcards to a separate set of voters on November 3. The postcards are being sent to the voter’s registration address to notify them of the absentee ballot request on file with their record and to provide them the opportunity to notify officials if they did not make the request. 
•    The postcard states, in part: “This postcard confirms receipt of an absentee ballot request submitted through the MyVote Wisconsin website. The absentee request indicated you would like your ballot sent to an address other than your home/voter registration address. If you did not submit this request or have questions about your voter record, please call us at the phone number below or email @email. If you submitted this request, no further action is required of you.”
•    There are several other security measures in place that ensure voting absentee by mail continues to be a secure and reliable way to vote. Those measures are referenced in a previous public communication available here: https://elections.wi.gov/news/wec-takes-steps-ensure-voting-absentee-re…