WEC Posts Facts about Wisconsin’s Election  

Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887, or [email protected].

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Election Commission has created a new question-and-answer section on its website to dispel misinformation about November election.

“We understand that some voters still have questions about how the election was conducted and how the winners were determined,” said Meagan Wolfe, administrator of the WEC and Wisconsin’s chief election official. “It’s our job to answer those questions with facts and to explain what procedures Wisconsin’s election officials use to follow state election laws.”

The WEC’s approach to dealing with misinformation is to discuss mechanics of the election with the media and voters. “We don’t just say trust us. We want to show everyone how elections really work so they can decide for themselves,” Wolfe said. “Election laws are incredibly complicated, and most people are not aware of the mechanics of elections.”

The FAQ website section is available at https://elections.wi.gov/faq. Questions answered include:

  • What did the WEC tell clerks about fixing problems with witness addresses on absentee ballot certificates?

  • Why did so many absentee ballots at the recount have the same initials on them?

  • Why are so many absentee ballots not folded and have the same initials?

  • Why did Milwaukee County report so many ballots for Democrats in the middle of the night?

  • Does Wisconsin use Dominion voting equipment, and have you done an audit?

  • Did Dominion voting equipment flip votes from Trump to Biden?

  • Has Wisconsin conducted an audit of signatures for absentee voters?

  • Did Wisconsin clerks issue 70,000 absentee ballots to voters without an application?

  • Did 200,000 people vote without a photo ID?

  • Why did WEC allow clerks to use drop boxes for absentee ballots?