Statement from WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe

Riley Vetterkind, @email

WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe offered the following statement on June 6, 2023 regarding public discussions about the administrator's appointment: 

“I am grateful to those who support Wisconsin election officials in delivering secure and accurate elections. It is, however, deeply disappointing that a small minority of lawmakers continue to misrepresent my work, the work of the agency, and that of our local election officials, especially since we have spent the last few years thoughtfully providing facts to debunk inaccurate rumors. Lawmakers should assess my performance on the facts, not on tired, false claims.

“The truth is that during my tenure, Wisconsin election officials have successfully run numerous statewide elections while also dedicating unprecedented resources to pushing back against false claims about Wisconsin elections. It's been nearly three years since these claims were debunked. This small group of politicians and conspiracy theorists should know better than to continue to misrepresent my actions and how this agency works.

“In 2015, the Legislature passed the law creating the WEC, and lawmakers assigned the six Commissioners the responsibility to administer Wisconsin’s election laws. The six WEC Commissioners (chosen by legislative leadership) have had to make some difficult decisions in the last few years and I applaud their ability to do so in a bipartisan manner. The Commission’s decisions are made in public meetings, where the public can see and review how each action is deliberated and decided. As the WEC administrator, I do not have a vote on the Commission. My job as administrator is to implement the decisions of the Commission and provide them with information. I am also a nationally recognized subject matter expert and the proud leader and supporter of WEC staff and local election officials, who have done their jobs with professionalism and integrity under historically challenging circumstances.”