Statement Regarding JCRAR Emergency Rule Suspension

Riley Vetterkind, Public Information Officer


Members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission have not yet met to discuss the recent vote of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules suspending the WEC’s 2022 emergency rule regarding missing or incorrect witness information on absentee ballot certificate envelopes.

According to Wisconsin law, actions of the Commission require a two-thirds vote of Commission members. Because Commissioners have not yet authorized retracting the Commission’s separate 2016 Guidance on Absentee Ballot Certificate Correction, upon which the 2022 emergency rule was based, it continues to remain intact, as it has since 2016. The Commission has not put forward any further direction since Wednesday’s JCRAR vote.

Commissioners may meet to discuss the JCRAR’s vote or to take further action on the Commission’s 2016 guidance. As with any decision, Wisconsin’s local clerks, along with their legal counsel, can consider the recent legislative committee activity as they plan for upcoming elections.