Response to Special Counsel's Second Interim Report

Riley Vetterkind, Public Information Officer, 608-267-7887, or [email protected].

MADISON, WI - Transparency is the backbone of the Wisconsin Elections Commission in that all our decisions are made fully in public and require bipartisan agreement. Special Counsel Gableman’s report is based upon mischaracterizations of Wisconsin election statutes and administration, and therefore, the utility of his report is minimal.

Nearly every item in Special Counsel Gableman’s report has already been litigated or otherwise addressed. There appeared to be very little new information or research presented to the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections Tuesday.

Every decision affecting the 2020 presidential election was fully transparent and made in open meetings. Complainants had every opportunity to challenge those decisions, and some of them did.

“The opinions in the Special Counsel’s latest interim report were fixated on topics that have been thoroughly addressed,” said Administrator Meagan Wolfe. “The integrity of the November 2020 election, and of the WEC, has been shown time and time again through court cases and previous investigations.”

Administrator Wolfe is happy to answer Special Counsel Gableman’s questions in a transparent and public forum, the same which is expected in all aspects of our elections.

Administrator Meagan Wolfe is statutorily required to be nonpartisan and has dedicated her professional career to the cause of free, fair, and secure elections and will continue to do so.