Updated Election Day Registration (EDR) Postcard Guidance

Please see the document attached to this communication for the updated guidance regarding the handling and processing of Election Day Registration postcards returned to a clerk’s office after an election. 

Importantly, the new guidance provides clerks with a clear recommendation on how to handle scenarios in which voters who properly registered on Election Day fall out of that status after the election. For example, this may occur when a voter moves after the election or the elector maintains a residence that is not expected to be reachable by mail (ex. the location designated as a homeless individual’s residence). 

The new guidance was approved by the Wisconsin Elections Commission on February 2, 2023. In summary, the revision:

  1. Asks clerks to first check for data entry or post office errors before considering a postcard as undeliverable. This will mean that only postcards that were correctly mailed will be recorded as undeliverable if they are returned as undeliverable.
  2. References the “beyond a reasonable” doubt standard from Wis. Stat. § 6.325, which must be met before a municipal clerk can disqualify an elector as a result of the audit. 
  3. Changes the directive language to a recommendation regarding when not to refer cases to the district attorney, followed by more explicit recommendations of how to proceed.

This guidance should be used for the 2023 Spring Primary and all following elections. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our HelpDesk at @email or call (608) 261-2028.