Spring 2023 Election Social Media Calendar

To assist you with voter outreach ahead of the April 4, 2023 Spring Election, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has prepared suggested social media posts for you to use on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages. 

The goal of this resource is to provide you with an easy way to share information with voters about important election-related dates and deadlines.

Included in the materials is a Word document that contains the suggested social media post and accompanying image or graphic, the suggested timeframe when the post should be made, and the topic of the post.

Also included in the materials is a ZIP file that contains images that can be used along with text in social media posts.

You are encouraged to download the ZIP file, extract it into a folder, and use the images for social media posts.

Posted alongside the resources is a brief webinar from Summer 2022 that provides an overview of the social media post resource and provides some basic social media tips. 

The 2023 Spring Election social media resources can be found on the WEC website at the following link: https://elections.wi.gov/resources/quick-reference-topics/spring-2023-s…  

If you have any questions about the social media calendar please contact @email or reach out to our Help Desk at @email or 608-261-2028.