Decertification of Vote-PAD

At its September 9, 2021 meeting, the Wisconsin Elections Commission approved a timeline for the decertification of the Vote-PAD accessible voting system.  The Commission determined that Vote-PAD will no longer be certified for use in Wisconsin elections after December 31, 2021 and cannot be used in any election after that date.  Municipalities currently using the Vote-PAD must cease use of the equipment by January 1, 2022 and have a certified accessible voting system in place by the beginning of the 2022 election cycle. 

Please contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission when you have purchased new equipment so that our records can be updated accordingly.  Counties and municipalities may have already begun the process of upgrading their voting equipment system, but if you have any questions about the purchasing process or decertification timeline, please contact Wisconsin Elections Commission staff for assistance. 

Thank you for your attention to these important issues. Please contact the WEC Help Desk at (608) 261- 2028 or @email if you have any questions about new voting equipment purchases or the decertification of the Vote-PAD.