Change to Inactive – Deceased Voters Appearing on

Summary. MyVote will no longer return results for voters marked Inactive – Deceased in the statewide voter registration system. Those searching for a voter meeting that criteria will see a note to this effect under the My Voter Info, Register to Vote, Vote Absentee by Mail, and Track My Ballot workflows. 

Background. Inactive voter records have been visible on MyVote since MyVote was modernized in 2015. This allows a voter who is no longer actively registered to view their last registered address and history of their participations in past elections. When viewing these details in MyVote, there are several opportunities to go to the online registration process. Voters sometimes need to re-register after being deactivated if they were deactivated due to four-year maintenance or completing a felony sentence. Any online voter registration completed through MyVote must be verified with the Department of Transportation before it can be completed. Clerks do not allow voters with records marked Inactive – Deceased to re-register, but historically, a search on MyVote for a deceased voter would still return a result showing the voter’s inactive status. 

Update. To avoid any confusion caused by Inactive – Deceased records appearing in MyVote search results despite the fact such records cannot register to vote or request an absentee ballot, WEC staff have decided to discontinue the functionality of My Voter Info, Request and Absentee Ballot, and Register to Vote for such voters. On August 25, 2022, a change was made to MyVote to prevent voters marked as deceased from appearing on MyVote. The historical records of these voters will continue to be preserved in the statewide voter registration system, and are not allowed to re-register. If an individual has questions about a parent or other individual who is now deceased, they should reach out to their local clerk or submit a data request through

Questions. If you have any questions, please contact the WEC Help Desk.  Call 608-261-2028 or e-mail @email.