Absentee Voting Reminders for the Fall 2022 Election Cycle

In preparation for the fall 2022 election cycle, we wanted to provide you with some reminders about resources that can be used to support your efforts in preparing for and conducting absentee voting for the fall. Please contact us at @email or (608) 261-2028 if you have any questions. 

Establishment of In-Person Absentee Voting Sites for 2022 Fall Elections: State law requires that alternate sites for in-person absentee voting for the August Partisan Primary and November General Election must be established by resolution of the governing body at least 14 days prior to ballots being made available for the August 9, 2022 Partisan Primary. That means the deadline to establish sites is June 9, 2022. All sites established for the Partisan Primary must remain in use for the General Election and no new sites can be added for the General Election after the June 9 deadline. In addition, if a municipality decides to use alternate in-person absentee voting sites, state law does not allow those municipalities to also allow in-person absentee voting at the municipal clerk’s office. Wis. Stat. §6.855(1).

Type E Notice and Hours: Your Type E Notice must be published on the fourth Tuesday prior to Election Day and should accurately reflect the locations where voting will take place with the hours being offered at each location. Please note that in-person absentee voting hours can only be offered beginning on the 14th day prior to Election Day, and the final day where voting hours can be offered is the Sunday before the election. The Type E Notice should be amended if there are any changes to your voting hours. 

Absentee Voting Training: New training resources on various aspects of absentee voting have been developed by WEC and are available on The Learning Center website. These pre-recorded presentations focus on topics such as in-person absentee voting and military and overseas (UOCAVA) voting. These trainings are available for on-demand viewing and are good resources for clerks who are looking for training prior to the 2022 fall elections. The Partisan Primary and General Election are both federal elections, so clerks will need to review the different requirements for military and overseas voting prior to those elections.  

In-Person Absentee Voting Information on MyVote: In-person absentee voting information for each municipality continues to display on myvote.wi.gov. Voters can see the locations and hours being offered in their municipality. This information is determined by data that you have entered into WisVote or information that has been entered on your behalf by your provider. Please review the information in WisVote or that displays on MyVote.wi.gov to ensure that it is accurate.