Wisconsin Elections Commission March 2019 Meeting

Wisconsin State Capitol, Joint Finance Committee meeting room, 412 East, Madison

Regular meeting of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Meeting notice and complete open session meeting materials are attached below. The agenda was amended March 8 to include certification of candidates for the special election for Assembly District 64.


A.    Call to Order    

B.    Administrator’s Report of Appropriate Meeting Notice 

C.    Personal Appearances (Time reserved for personal appearances may be limited at the discretion of the Chair)

D.    Minutes of Previous Meetings             

E.    Election Security Update     

F.    Election Night Reporting Research         

G.    Post-Election Audits 
1) Voting Equipment Audits    
2) Discussion of other Audit Options    

H.    ERIC List Maintenance – Next Steps     

I.    Voter Fraud Report    

J.    Legislative Update and Agenda     

K.    Commission Staff Update     

L.    Governor’s Budget Update  

M.   Certify Candidates for Special Election in Assembly District 64 

N.    Closed Session

1.    Minutes of Previous Meetings
2.    Wis. Stat. § 5.05 Complaint
3.    Litigation Update

19.851 - The Commission’s discussions concerning violations of election law shall be in closed session. 

19.85 (1) (g) - The Commission may confer with legal counsel concerning litigation strategy.

The Elections Commission will convene in open session but may move to closed session under Wis. Stat. § 19.851 and then reconvene into open session prior to adjournment of this meeting.  This notice is intended to inform the public that this meeting will convene in open session, may move to closed session, and then reconvene in open session.  Wis. Stat. § 19.85 (2).


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