WEC December 2021 Meeting

This is a regular, quarterly meeting of the Wisconsin Elections Commission. 

Attending the Meeting

This meeting is being held via video teleconference only. Members of the public and media may attend online or by telephone. For information on how to join, please see the Public Notice attachment.


A.    Call to Order
B.    Administrator’s Report of Appropriate Meeting Notice
C.    Public Comment
D.    Minutes of Previous Meetings 
E.    Review/Approval of Spring 2022 Ballot Templates
F.    Website Redesign Updates and Commission Approval of Changes
G.    Consideration and Scheduling of 2022 Commission Meetings
H.    Discussion/Action on the Legislative Audit Bureau’s October 2021 Report on Elections Administration (Report 21-19)
I.    Staff Updates to the Commission
J.    Closed Session

  1. ERIC Cross-State Referrals - § 19.851 – The Commission’s deliberations concerning an investigation of any violation of the law under the jurisdiction of the Commission shall be in closed session.

K.    Adjourn

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