Deciding on a New Polling Place

If a municipality decides to relocate a polling place, the municipal clerk is required to fill out the Polling Place Accessibility Survey and submit that information to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Wis. Stat. 5.25 requires all polling locations to be determined at least 30 days prior to an election so a decision on moving a polling location should be made far enough in advance of an election to meet that standard and address any accessibility-related concerns. 

The survey should help a clerk determine if a prospective polling location is accessible or if adjustments need to be made to the facility before it can be designated as a voting location.    The survey contains questions concerning all aspects of a potential voting site and the Appendix B supporting document contains explanations and diagrams that illustrate many of the standards referenced in the survey.

If it is determined that a polling location is lacking certain accessible features, such as signage, a clerk can use the supply request form to request select accessibility-related supplies from the Commission.  These supplies were purchased using funds made available through the Help America Vote Act and are provided at no cost to municipalities.