Curbside Voting

If you cannot enter the polling place or absentee voting location due to disability, curbside voting is available.  Two poll workers will bring you your  ballot and conduct voting at your vehicle or at the polling place entrance.  If you vote curbside, you are not required to sign the poll list.  Instead, the poll workers will write “exempt by order of inspectors” in the signature space on the poll list.

If you vote curbside and need to update you voter registration due to an address or name change, or if you are not currently a registered voter, you may also register to vote curbside with a current and valid Proof of Residence document. Curbside voting is also available during the in-person absentee voting period. If you would like to vote curbside, you should contact your municipal clerk beforehand to discuss and arrival time and what you should do when you get to the voting location.