Military and Overseas Voters

Effective November 2, 2010, the following election materials must be sent via electronic means (fax/email), if requested by a military or overseas voter:

  1. Voter Registration Application (EL-131)
  2. Application for Absentee Ballot (EL-121)
  3. Absentee Ballots

The electronic tracking of the receipt of military and overseas absentee ballots is required by Federal Law. Municipal clerks are also required to add electronic (fax and/or email) contact information to all materials sent to military and overseas electors.


Uniform Absentee Ballot Instructions

EL-120m Mailer Envelope

EL-122m Address Side Military

EL-122 Absentee Certificate

Federal Post Card Application This is an external link to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.


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The Facts about Military and Overseas Voting in Wisconsin

The State of Wisconsin is nationally-recognized for its long history of ensuring military and overseas voters can participate in Wisconsin general elections. This is in spite of the challenge posed by Wisconsin being one of 10 states with a primary election after Labor Day. Wisconsin’s military voters who are stationed in faraway places around the globe protecting our freedom need enough time to request, receive, vote and return their ballots. This is particularly true for military personnel serving in armed conflict, remote locations, in foxholes on active battlegrounds or on submarines. Overseas citizens living in faraway places also face a similar challenge.